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Printed Alu Alu Foil is made at aayra to fight the Menace of Spurious Drugs and the Grey Market of Medicines sold in Tablets and Capsules form. Customised colours and Designs are made as per the need for the customer like the logo of the company or name of the Product.



  • No chances of Ink Lifting :
    As the ink remains sandwich in between BOPA Film and Aluminium Foil, it cannot get removed by any of the external factors like - Light, Water, Solvent or Friction.
  • Ink Transfer :
    It cannot be transferred to PVC Side as the ink is not on the surface of Nylon Film, Rather it is inside.
  • Anti - Counterfeiting :
    This kind of Printing can be done only by a Alu-Alu Foil Manufacturer who has a Laminator and a Printing Machine equipped to Print BOPA Film.
  • Reliability :-
    One can always Rely on their Product that it is not being Duplicated or Anti Counterfeited as it is always in Secure and Counterfeiting Proof Packaging.
  • Printing Matter :-
    Both Full Colour and Text can be printed in this easily.
  • Automate your business elis tristique.

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